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18 Sandwich Varieties | Have you tried them all? | Check out the rules of Sandwich making! | 4.75/5.0

Appetizers, Indian Bread, Indian Breakfast Recipes, Lunchbox Recipes

18 Sandwich Varieties. All Vegetarian. Including Chocolate Sandwich. Now interested? Take a peek!

17 Dhokla Varieties | Khaman Dhokla and many more! | 4.75/5.0

Appetizers, Indian Breakfast Recipes, Indian Snacks, Lunchbox Recipes

Sponge Cakes. Sweet. Sour. Tangy-ish. Salty too. Bet you’re confused. Well.. it’s meant to taste different. Check it out!

15 Poori Recipes | Indian Poori Bread Recipes | Bhatura Recipe | 4.50/5.0

Indian Bread, Indian Breakfast Recipes, Lunchbox Recipes

Poori – that Fluffy, Crisp, Flaky fried Indian Bread that y’all love. Did you know there are over 15 variations of Poori? Take a Peek!

Kadai Paneer | Karahi Paneer | Kadai Paneer Gravy Restaurant Style | 4.60/5.0

North Indian Gravies, Paneer Gravy Recipes

Hot and Spicy Paneer gravy prepared in a thick, circular,
and deep cooking pot!

17 Paneer Tikka Recipes | Tandoori Paneer Tikka | Paneer Appetizer Recipes

Appetizers, Lunchbox Recipes

Meet Paneer Tikka, the Vegetarian half Brother of Chicken Tikka. Included are the 16 different Marinades for when you Barbecue them!

14 Variations of Noodles | Veg Noodles | Indo Chinese Noodles Recipes | 4.7/5.0

Indo Chinese Recipes

Did you know there are over 14 ways of making your favorite Noodles? Surprise Surprise- some are even healthy!

10 Variations of Korma | Kurma Recipe | Korma Curry | Yellow,Green,Red Curry | Navratan Korma | 4.6/5.0

North Indian Gravies

Healthy Cooked Veggies dipped in rich, spiced, flavorful Stew. Sluuuurrrrrp!

13 Naan Recipes | Indian Naan Bread Recipes | 4.50/5.0

Indian Bread

Naan Bread – You know what it is and how it tastes. Did you know there are over 13 variations of Naan? Take a Peek!

6 Variations of Punjabi Dal Makhani | Maah Ki Dal | Punjabi Maah Choleyaan Di Dal Recipe | 4.6/5.0

North Indian Gravies

Rich, spiced, lentil-based stew that can be rejoiced as Lentil Soup in snowy Winters, even makes a perfect accompaniment to White Rice and Breads.

15 Samosa Varieties| Samosa Fest | 15 Samosa Recipes including some not-so-familiars! | 4.7/5.0

Indian Snacks

A samosa, sambusa, or samboksa is a fried… Meh.. this needs no introduction! Click and read..

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