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How to make Semiya Upma? | Sevaiyan | Sevia | Sevai | Semia Upma Recipe | 10 different recipes!

Indian Breakfast Recipes, Lunchbox Recipes, South Indian Tiffen

Super healthy and easy to make Indian lunchbox recipe to go!

How to make street-style Kathi Rolls? | Paneer Kathi Roll | 13 new Kathi Roll Recipes! | Street Style Frankie | Wraps!

Indian Chaat Recipes, Indian Snacks, Lunchbox Recipes

Picture Spicy Paneer gravy mixed with crunchy fresh veggies wrapped in Indian Bread! Your dear Kathi Rolls|Wraps|Frankies!

How to make soft melt in the mouth Gujrati Khandvi? | 8 new Stuffed Khandvi Recipes! | Gujrati Food – Pressure Cooker & Microwave Preparation

Indian Breakfast Recipes, Indian Snacks, Lunchbox Recipes

Extra melt in the mouth soft Gujrati Snacks recipe that’ll keep you wanting more!

Omelette Recipe| How to make a perfect Omelette? | Keto Recipe | 12+ Omelette Recipes | 4.7/5.0

Indian Breakfast Recipes, Keto Recipes

12+ different Omelette Recipes for your everyday healthy living! Delish and ketotastic!

Aaloo Poori Recipe | Shaadi Waale Aloo ki Sabji | Punjabi Aloo Poori Sabji | Bedmi Aloo Recipe | 4.50/5.0

Indian Breakfast Recipes, North Indian Gravies

Have you recently had Aloo gravy at a Wedding that you loved? Find that recipe in here!

Medu Vada Recipe | Instant Medhu Vadai Recipe Suggestions | How to make Vadas Crispy and Round? | 4.50/5.0

Appetizers, Indian Breakfast Recipes, South Indian Specials, South Indian Tiffen

Golden brown round and crispy fritters made of lentils that makes for a great appetizer, staple breakfast food and a festive dish!

15 Utappam Recipes | Oothappam | Uthapam | Uthappam | Ever tried Baby Smiley Uttapam? | 4.50/5.0

Indian Breakfast Recipes, Lunchbox Recipes, South Indian Specials, South Indian Tiffen

Soft & Spongy Rice Flour Pancakes that can be topped with Cheese, onions, tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Jalapenos & Coriander. YUM!

18 Sandwich Varieties | Have you tried them all? | Check out the rules of Sandwich making! | 4.75/5.0

Appetizers, Indian Bread, Indian Breakfast Recipes, Lunchbox Recipes

18 Sandwich Varieties. All Vegetarian. Including Chocolate Sandwich. Now interested? Take a peek!

21 Khichdi Recipes | Mixed Veg Masala Khichdi | Gujarati Kathiyawadi Khichdi | Vrat ki Khichdi and many more! | 4.6/5.0

Lunchbox Recipes, Special Rice Varieties

Piping hot lentil rice with aromatic blend of traditional Indian spices. Best served HOT with your favorite Chips!

17 Dhokla Varieties | Khaman Dhokla and many more! | 4.75/5.0

Appetizers, Indian Breakfast Recipes, Indian Snacks, Lunchbox Recipes

Sponge Cakes. Sweet. Sour. Tangy-ish. Salty too. Bet you’re confused. Well.. it’s meant to taste different. Check it out!

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