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👋 Hi, I’m Chan, the author at Indian Food Critic. I am food lover (duh!), mom of a little trouble-maker, CMO at a Tech Startup and a Business Owner. Several years ago after my short experience teaching kids at Little Flower School for Blind & Deaf in Chennai – I told my mom I’ll be back to teach these kids how to make money and retire early. Ever since, my life’s goal has been to acquire enough knowledge through experience and help aspiring young adults achieve their financial goals. Currently, 1000 done, a few billion to go.
How would you like to watch over my shoulder as I reveal how I make money online?
Marketers Workshop
is the educational platform created by my Ex-Google Marketer partner and I to help people reach financial independence in the easiest way possible. Our site includes learnings from our experience and EVERYTHING there is (video courses, tips, guides, and techniques) for an aspiring marketer to go from a newbie to a $10,000 a month money-maker in the quickest time possible. We believe in practical education. Through our platform you can refer and earn 50% in affiliate commissions every month while you learn. Best part – we are an easy sell. 😉
We will a laptop lifestyle. You too can join us.
Years of Experience
Satisfied Internet Marketers
What They Said About Marketers Workshop

“I don’t promote anything to my list that I am not certain is of great value, so I took the time to study the content and make up my mind. I had no problem letting my readers know about it yesterday.”

Nick Andrews

“What a great site you have put together here. I am now making a great income from your site every month, and with the new resellers program my earnings have skyrocketed.”

Shawn Carnagie

“From paid traffic, to copywriting, to Facebook, to Google, to creating products… literally you get training on every concept to be successful online. I’ve seen $1,997 courses that didn’t have a fraction of the content. The most valuable part is how fast this can get you making money, due to the reseller program. And being able to resell it means the easiest money you can make.”

Nicole Peters

“We are very happy to share that our “learn and earn” platform has produced multiple 6-figure marketers who now have their own successful businesses, and members who have quit their day job and make enough money through side hustles, and some of them have landed a Marketing job in Big Tech Companies. At present, we are also providing support for some of our members who are in the process of launching their business this year and early next year. Yes – we have in effect realized the power of our knowledge base and fully believe that this platform can benefit every aspiring internet marketer out there (in one way or another).”

Affiliate Marketing Education Series
Affiliate Marketing – Session 1
Affiliate Marketing – Session 3
Affiliate Marketing – Session 2
Affiliate Marketing – Session 4
Enjoyed this course? Learn SEO, Affiliate Recruiting, Automation, Business Blogging, eCommerce, Email Marketing, Side Hustles, Paid Traffic, Social Media Marketing, Geo Targetting, and 30 other courses that will prepare you to make atleast $10k/month of additional income. Also, if you like our program, be our affiliate and earn 50% commission every month.
Education has value only when it’s practical and not unnecessarily expensive.

And so our internet marketing workshop (curated by ex-Googler) costs only $49. We want you to make the most of it, so you can reach out to either of us directly if you have questions or need our expert advice taking your online business off the ground. Also, if you enjoy our workshop, you can join our affiliate program for free and earn 50% commission month over month on every referral.

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