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7 Bread Pizza Recipes | How to make Bread Pizza using Oven, Tawa or Microwave? | Instant Bread Pizza Recipe | Sooji Bread Pizza Recipe | 4.7/5.0

Indian Bread, Italian Recipes, Lunchbox Recipes

Mouth Watering Cheesy Bread Pizza can be made within 2 minutes in your kitchen! Hold your Saliva 😉

9 Recipes of Punjabi Dal Tadka | How to make perfect Dal Tadka? | Restaurant & Dhaba Style Dal Tadka | Lasooni Dal Tadka & more! | 4.6/5.0

North Indian Gravies

Rich, spiced and creamy lentil-based stew that makes a perfect accompaniment to White Rice, Butter Rice, Jeera Rice, Pulao varieties and even Indian Breads!

Chocolate Milkshake Recipe | How to make Parlor like Milkshakes at home? | Do’s and don’ts of Milkshake making! | 4.6/5.0

Indian Desserts

How to make Milkshakes rich and creamy? Also, recipe suggestions for over 69 Milkshakes!

20 Pasta Recipes | Fettuccine Alfredo | Fusilli Tomatina | Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli & many more

Italian Recipes, Lunchbox Recipes

Over 20 Vegetarian Pasta Recipes including some not so familiars and great tips to make them right!

5 Puliyogare Recipes | My Grandma’s Secret Recipe in here! | Pulihora Recipe | Tamarind Rice | Puliyodharai | 4.6/5.0

Lunchbox Recipes, South Indian Specials, Special Rice Varieties

Tangy and Spicy Tamarind Rice seasoned with fried/roasted peanuts, curry leaves, Chilies, Turmeric and Asafoetida

15 Utappam Recipes | Oothappam | Uthapam | Uthappam | Ever tried Baby Smiley Uttapam? | 4.50/5.0

Indian Breakfast Recipes, Lunchbox Recipes, South Indian Specials, South Indian Tiffen

Soft & Spongy Rice Flour Pancakes that can be topped with Cheese, onions, tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Jalapenos & Coriander. YUM!

18 Sandwich Varieties | Have you tried them all? | Check out the rules of Sandwich making! | 4.75/5.0

Appetizers, Indian Bread, Indian Breakfast Recipes, Lunchbox Recipes

18 Sandwich Varieties. All Vegetarian. Including Chocolate Sandwich. Now interested? Take a peek!

17 Vada Varieties | Vada Recipes | Medhu Vada | Masala Vada | Batata Vada & many more! | 4.7/5.0

Appetizers, Indian Snacks

Spicy Indian Fritters that comes with innumerable variants. YOU NEED to try them all – trust me, it’ll make your evening!

27 Types of Halwa | Gajar ka Halwa | Badam Halwa | Bahraini Halwa and many more! | 4.6/5.0

Indian Desserts

THIS is a typical Indian Almond pudding. There are 27 different pudding and fudge recipes to take a look at, peek in! 😉

21 Khichdi Recipes | Mixed Veg Masala Khichdi | Gujarati Kathiyawadi Khichdi | Vrat ki Khichdi and many more! | 4.6/5.0

Lunchbox Recipes, Special Rice Varieties

Piping hot lentil rice with aromatic blend of traditional Indian spices. Best served HOT with your favorite Chips!

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